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Spring, 2017 Issue

Editor-in-Chief: Darian Kuxhouse

Art Editor: Tyler Jagt

Staff Editor: Rachel Schrauben Yeates

Staff Editor: Julia Dawn Elkins

Staff Editor: Miranda Heyman

Staff Editor: Katie Coe

Staff Editor: Mallory Todd

Spring, 2017 Issue

Editor-in-Chief’s Note:

This spring has been full of transition and change. Our magazine has gone through a complete redesign and is now full of life and in full color! Our staff has worked hard learning all of the format changes and helping choose submissions to showcase in Ram. I am so proud of the staff and our final product, but we will still continue to push creative boundaries and create an increasingly better publication.

We have put together a beautiful magazine, and I can't wait to continue to innovate Ramifications next year.

-Darian Kuxhouse

Ramifications, Spring 2017

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