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CURRENT ISSUE: Submissions are closed for the Spring 2024 edition of Ramifications.

Submission Guidelines

- Only work from Berry College students, faculty, and staff are accepted. 

- Only previously unpublished work is accepted. 

- Multiple submissions are welcome. Accepted works are limited to one literature and/or one art piece per author/artist for each issue. Please check for genre-specific limitations below. 

- Please indicate the medium each submitted work qualifies as (i.e. poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, music) in the body of your email. 

- If you submit more than the allowed number of pieces, only the ones that fall within the limit will be considered. 


- All literature must be in a Microsoft word document in Times New Roman font with 12 pt. size. 

- Literature must follow a limit of 5 pages, single spaced, but we may ask for excerpts if accepted. 

- For poetry, please limit your submissions to 6 poems per person. 

Art & Photography 

- Please limit your submissions to 5 pieces of art or photographs. A series of pictures intended to be published as a collection may be submitted as one piece, but please indicate it as such. 

- Photographs should be at least 300 dpi, but if you are not sure, email us at

- If your artwork is not photographed in a high quality manner, send it anyway. We will email you and ask that you come to our art shoot later to have your artwork photographed professionally. 


- Lyrics required, and a recording is appreciated though not required for initial submission. We may request a recording if accepted. 

- Sheet music may be submitted. 

Submit your work to

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