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Raven Wilson

Brain blooms. Pansy petal pains stretch little spindles past conception. Johnny Cake face melted between olive smudge.

Eyes darting through tangerine cream of Vitamin C. Red red wine should subtle blush the pain.

Tip the chipped chalice and chug. Fill yourself with drink.

Until she skips through crocodile dreams,

Until her sugarbeet cheeks are cream. Cream to clarified

butter. You knew her.

Wishing for that same Obsidian duvet to sing you to sleep;

As it did on Chestnut Beach. As its kiss of mint and coconut milk steeped.

     Wishing for her sitting pretty on jasper

Green pasture and lichen-laid. She prayed over

Your hush puppy tongue, a sea breath stained.

China white

gems scraping your wormy neuro

Nodes. Toasted apricot hot. Turning cocoa berrie cool to spume.

Lick the rim of the glass and smack. Dry the carafe.

Until your mind stops pulsing gamma green,

Until your bile filters through Turkish Coffee.

She was sitting pretty with a pansy petal pink bow in her hair. Her clarified butter curls coiled and cocked, ready. She had

hush puppy skin from her father

The family blooming

I bloomed awake into a

Spring, 2017 Issue

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