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Gay Rapper Exposed as Fraud*

Courtney Wimberly

 J.T. LeRoy, watch

out. There’s a new

phony in town. Gay rapper

Caushun exposed

as fraud when manager gave

an interview, admitting

he wrote and performed

rhymes, acknowledged Jason

Herndon portrayed Caushun public,

really a hairdresser

with no musical

skills. A few years ago, a popular

figure in the New York

hip-hop scene. Created

as a joke, Matias called a station

    and pretended

flamboyantly. Matias, a straight

man, recorded demos and passed

them to radio stations as the work

of Caushun. The lie
snowballed, enlisted to portray

the face, attracted high-profile

fans like Kimora Lee Simmons, wife

of hip-hop impresario Russell.

Hairdresser convinced her

he was Caushun, almost signed

to record label,

but was arrested for identity

theft, the lie started

to unravel. Matias

in his interview told, “It’s

business               the end.

A sting, I learned. My

job is make people


    and sell


*per an article published May 17, 2007, on

Spring, 2017 Issue

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