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Fall, 2017 Issue

Editor-in-Chief: Darian Kuxhouse

Graphic Design & Art Editor: Graham Widmann

Staff Editor: Siobhan Mulligan

Staff Editor: Miranda Heyman

Staff Editor: Emory R. Frie

Staff Editor: Lauren Groseclose

Staff Editor: Jamo Filston

Photographer: Jessica Cannon

Fall, 2017 Issue

Editor-in-Chief’s Note:

I would like to thank, first, my staff for working diligently to help create a space that showcases Berry's student talent. We have created a beautiful magazine packed with pieces that we hope you, the reader, will be moved by just as much as we are. Secondly, I would like to thank the wonderful writers and artists who we are publishing. We received more submissions this year, particularly in art, than we have in all of my four years working for this magazine, and I am thrilled. Keep it up. Finally, I want to thank our readers for helping us keep our love of the arts alive. We want to spread our passion to everyone who will give us a minute of their time, and we hope that you will share this magazine with friends and family or perhaps leave a copy on a bus for a stranger to pick up. Next semester, my last semester before I graduate, we will be bringing RAM back bigger than ever, keep an eye out.

-Darian Kuxhouse

Ramifications, Fall 2017

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