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Heal Me

Jenna Johnson

Falling deep into a part of myself

I've never opened,

or let run wild

this twisted part of my brain

I would never invite you into

flannel sheets,

and morning coffee in bed with you.

We can keep it all a secret,

under the grace of God,

if you want to call it that.

Wrap me in your whispers and gentleness,

intimacy I never would've known

you were existing

without me, and what

a gift that our paths crossed

in light and tucked into darkness.

I can still praise God

from between our sheets,

and in the middle of the night

you sweep my hair out of my face,

the warmest gesture I've ever known

you would be the one to heal me,

hand me morning coffee as a promise

in a different life with you.

Fall, 2017 Issue

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