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Spring, 2019 Issue

Editor-in-Chief’s Note:

My favorite part of working for Ramifications over the years has always been reading the submissions. I love to see what Berry students have to offer. My goal with Ramifications is always to create a beautiful magazine where people are proud to show off their work. I’ve dedicated countless hours along with my staff to this magazine, and we are so proud to share it with all of you. I want to thank Abigail Stallings, our art editor, for creating the cover, back cover, centerfold, and all the other beautiful illustrations that you see spread throughout our magazine. As it is my last semester at Berry I’m sad to leave Ramifications behind, but I know I couldn’t be leaving the magazine in better hands than with our upcoming Editor-in-Chief, Emory Frie. I want to thank our readers, and our submitters for helping us make this magazine into what it is today.

-Miranda Heyman

Ramifications, Spring 2019

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