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If God Responded

Meridith Beretta

I’ve seen men with blood stained

hands from trying to exterminate

a race, bend knees and fold hands

to worship the same god a child

calls, “heavenly father”. 

Women beg - plead for salvation

with trembling rosary beads.

People dedicate their lives to

service, speaking into a

phone that never rings.

What would happen if God

returned a phone call or wrote

a letter? Would children die from

bullets in schools? Would girls

slit their wrists in ceramic alters? 

If God answered prayers would

there be wars about religions? If

he said two plus two does equal

five, would our laws be rewritten?

If God sent a message, would

black men, Jews, Native Americans,

or hijab’d women still fight to

keep from being reduced to

bloody carnage?

If God gave a hint about his

thoughts and which texts were

right, would a plane still have

crashed into the two buildings?

If God gave a damn about his

creations would it matter who you

loved or your skin color?

Would white still be His color,

or would tan no longer be the

look of damnation?

If God spoke would his name

lose all meaning? His power

diminished? Would those who

claim to know him and be

blessed with grace find

his voice unfamiliar?

If God responded would I hit

my knees to listen and

be disappointed?

Spring, 2019 Issue

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