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The Worship of Death 

Liam Kadel

Through a tinted window, slowing down 

to view the roadside tragedy 

Feel your neck turn to rubber 

as the serpent consumes its own tail 

The car in front of you brakes, 

and you multiply calamity 


Why do we worship death? 

Whether it be as we scroll on a screen 

or watch coverage of the obscene 

What does it mean? 

What does it mean? 


They’ve made a martyr out of you 

Will they do the same to me? 

In ignorance, some idolize 

a pain they cannot know 

that lies behind watery eyes 

Most can swim in pools 

But for those of us which float adrift 

in the roaring depths of oceans, 

do we sympathize with the diver 

or the water that hinders their motion? 


As they drown, why should you choke yourself? 

And paint pictures of suffering divine 

as though your heart were intertwined 

with the blackened heart of death 

Take a moment, take a breath 

Is your greatness truly defined, 

is wisdom truly divined, 

is a cancer truly benign, 

only in the presence of pain? 


The sadness does not paint its own portrait 

The madness does not sing its own song 




Fall 2023

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