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Words of the Innocent

Alyssa Prather

My world is no longer butterflies and rainbows 

No longer do I look up to those in blue 

No longer do I trust the authority I’m told will protect me 

How can I? 


“I didn’t even do nothing.”- Sam DuBose 


How can I? 

When there are humans killed for 

Buying snacks 

Walking home 

Having a mental illness 

It’s the color of their skin 

That gives them a death sentence. 


“What are you following me for?”- Trayvon Martin 


How can I? 

When I am surrounded by guns 

All pointed in the direction of an innocent man 

Who wants to see his family 

One. Last. Time. 


“Why’d you shoot me?”- Kendrec McDade 


How can I? 

When protesters are called thugs 

And teargassed 

As gun toting rioters are called very good people 

By a leader with over 25 sexual assault accusations 


“It’s not real.”- John Crawford 


How can I? 

As we get closer to civil war 

And I remember the history I was raised on. 

I refuse to be silent. 

Will you kneel on my neck too? 


“I can’t breathe.”- George Floyd 

Fall 2020 Issue

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