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Ti amo, caro

Asa Daniels

Old church bells ring through the town

And a marble sarcophagus is full of gold,

As they bury the Bishop in the ground

But just last night his shoes were sold.


A silent nonna rests in the porch shade

Counting the hours that have gone

Since with her love she has laid

But her family has long broken their bond.


Ti amo, caro,

Ti prego vieni da me, amo

Let us get to the ancient palazzo

And wonder what worries the papeo.


Rushing through the streets the cars go by

And a little boy drops his gelato

And though his mother looks and sighs,

He wonders if he’ll see her tomorrow.


A car is parked under the tree,

Away from all the sweltering heat

And in their seats the lovers will never leave,

While another wonders where they could be.


Ti amo, caro,

Ti prego vieni da me, amo

Let’s wander to the waning, twilight concerto

And we’ll watch the setting sun go.


And as we reach the top of this hill,

Think not what is gone

But that which is below and still

And what will come with the dawn.


And we will sit, hearing the tolling bells

And Gabriel will blow his trumpet eternally

And of the fire everyone desperately yells

But I will be with you ever so happily.


Ti amo, caro,

Ti prego vieni da me, amo

You will ask me “why is it so”

And I will say there’s no need to know.


Influenced by Bob Dylan’s “Romance in Durango”

Fall, 2019 Issue

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