The Things I Kept

Annabelle Norton

A copy of the Odyssey 

Or the Iliad 

I’m not quite sure  

I left it at home 


“A Case of You” by 

Joni Mitchell, pouring out 

Of me into  

These lines 


A pair of stolen  

polished dimes 

Asking to dance  

in the morning time 




On the first floor of 

His building after dark 


Petals pressed from a  

Damask rose 

Two years old 

Stem dry in 

The vase 


An empty bottle of wine 


Two petals, yellow, 

From the park 


A fire escape from 

Which someone missed 

Me in New Jersey 


A red hard 

Candy if you can  

Believe it 


And an elevator going up 


Everything else 

Is being  


At Goodwill if you 

Would like to find it 

Spring 2022