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The Penny-Pocketer

Mya Sedwick

Through murky depths 

Slowly drifting 


Losing luster and light 

But mostly 

Losing hope 

And a bit of magic 

As it sinks  

Further and further  

From the sunlit surface 


No one thinks about 

Where their wishes go 

After they make them 

They simply walk away 

Feeling lighter than before 

Unaware of the weight 

Just unloaded onto 

The penny pocketer 


Collector of wishes 

Keeper of secrets 

Well-bottom dweller 

Held down 

By broken promises 

Love unrequited 

Faith faded 

Dreams altogether forgotten 


There’s a soft ‘clink’ 

As he trudges along 

The dreams 

Tucked neatly away 

In the pocket of his denim jumper 

Spring 2021

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