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The Lottery

Jack Heerema

A flowered gondola will carry us 

Away and down your shoulders 

Flowing down the golden river in your hair 


We’ll row straight into the sun 

And we’ll burn up into smolders  

To be cast like flaming raindrops everywhere 


So lit by neon lights and lampposts  

We’ll dance across the roads turned rivers 

And leave the gondola on shorelines here or there 


And the wonder of the nighttime 

Censors all the drunken singers 

The sober choirs stop so they can stare 


Now I see strangers on the moon 

Playing mandolins and guitars 

Towards the soldiers on the earth trembling with fear 


Singing out the greatest story 

For all the listening stars 

While we all drink our fill of gin and beer.

Fall 2020 Issue

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