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Spell Jar

Chloe Spector

How easy 

it would be to keep  

you in a fluted crystal cage, 


catching sun on a shelf. With 



For sweetness, to crystalize around you. 

Let me hold you, 


This precognition of you. 


Rose petals, 

you know what for: to wrap 

you in sweet velvet embrace 


of silky moths’ wings and 


lavender for peace. 

My gentle peace, 

a ghost of 


childish fairytale expectations. 


Better not to keep you. Not trapped on a shelf in my head, a balm 

for an inflamed heart 


continuously diseased.  


Five finger grass. 

Would I be so lucky? To heal 

before I meet you? 


Seal with wax and say a prayer. 


Maybe, one day, my dear, 

I’ll know myself enough 

to know who you are. 

Spring 2024

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