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Of the Wide Briny Sea

Parker Luellen

the soles of your feet became restless from running  

we once ran away from the world 

until you ran from me  


never meant to wither me 

i remembered our pinky promises under the moonlight  


and how you once said my eyes were full of "escapism and femininity" 

did you think those things when my hair slithered around your body? 


did you learn nothing is more delicate than a woman's hollow gaze? 

eyes green, now filled with envy  


envious of them who love you  

never look unless i go to Rome  


let them criticize the way i embraced you  

never praised for turning you into stone  

but merely Bernini who found you and commanded you art  


valley sunsets are the only thing that doesn't subdue me  

never did i think when you forgot my origin  

i would learn mine 

Spring 2022

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