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Mama you see me

Hannah Owusu

Mama you see me? 

They see me but 
cast aside the soul the see a negro with animal tendencies 
That's why mama you tell me to stay home right? 

So I can lose myself in a fantasy rather than be eliminated in reality 
But shii 

It ain't even safe nomore but what I can I say, it's my safest bet nowadays 
Cuz i'll be zamned if I lose myself before I spread my rage  

Cuz as far as they're concerned we are all the same 


It makes me rage 
That 12 can catch me lacking 
Faq around shoot me and call it check mate 
My fate stolen in a stolen place 

Where I once taught was heaven just to find 
A stolen nation with some borrowed history 
Now I find  

myself tryna prevent my folks from becoming history 
Cuz I know at the hand of massa they might become pending mysteries  


Another unnamed 


…a hashtag 
And with all these trials comes my denial 

I thought with brown spice everything is nice 

Mama you told me brown is the color of nature 

So tell me why 

Tell me why it forsakes me 

Mama tell me 

Tell me why  
why nature absorbs my cries, my clots in silence 



it rages as I remain silenced 


Living in a world where I’m hated 
My every flaw is dilated and struggles elevated 
And all my emotion remains unstated 
Bottled up waiting to drown me 

While I rage in my silence 

Mama do you see me? 

Am I child or a threat? 

Cuz I’ll never know  

I’ll never know how it feels to be free 


It makes me rage 


But I will go out in black with my brown skin 
And enjoy the creator’s creation from mere soil because though hated, 

my black habits remains undefeated 
Wanted by many but cursed and gifted to a select few  


Mama…I can finally see 

Spring DEI 2022

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