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Monique Ruedas

You are the moon, I think 

A glowing ball of sheer beauty which leaves no eye unopened, no head unturned 

(Even your deepest craters hold multitudes of resilience) 

You exude nothing but brilliance and omnipotence 

And I am the stars, this I know 

I am destined to be the faint glowing whispers that encompass you 

(For the universe is infallible, or did the philosophers presume it so?) 

And you always know when it is time for the slivers of your soul  

to seep into the melancholic night 

I will be there waiting for your arrival and you mine 

For such a fate has us forces of nature intertwined 

(And you, my darling, shed light on all the places I never could) 

Spring 2022

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