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Life Is Long Until It's Not

Jack Padgett

I was never scared of the open road

    but that was before gravity shifted

         and my duffel bag hit the roof of

              my Prius shortly before my head

          did. All of a sudden right is le-

      ft and left is right and up and

          down no longer exist and all th-

      at is left is the cardiograph buzz

of helicopter propellers lodged in

     my ears and I think I’m screaming

but it’s hard to be sure over the dro-

    ne of my judgment drawing

near and the wind whistling across

     my fractured dashboard that sounds

like a catcall from God. I feel as

  though I should probably consi-

      der my loved ones but it’s hard to

 do as I’m too preoccupied with

        the way the sun looks as it’s spin-

     ning at the speed of the gleaming

 flares it emits which glint off the

       shards of my rearview mirror as I

   try to throw an arm across the bri-

      dge of my nose to shield my cor-

  neas but it’s as though they are go

      -ne and I have been left limbless

 so I leave them uncovered and wa

     -it for my life to flash before th

-em but it doesn’t flash it simply

     stretches until every second is

  the time it takes for me to realize

         that my road ends where this one

     continues and while the future I

 could have had is my friend

      the pavement is not as it—

Spring, 2018 Issue

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