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I'm Learning How

Jenna Johnson

I’m learning how to fall

In love with people all over again

Full hugs and day dreams

Of your boots off at the end of the day

The ones for hiking and house church

Taken off by our front door or the foot

Of our bed, and thank you

For getting my coffee and comedic relief

Conversations about your habits and

Routines, try showering backwards

Or putting your shirt on last instead of

First, so we’re not standing in our underwear.

I’m in love with the space

You take up, the way you thumb through

Pages and open books at the space

Where the bookmark is tucked

Between pages I get to remember

Warm feelings like only my feet tucked

Beneath a blanket, and taste

The richness of God’s character

In the way you tuck love letters

Between your promises and prayers.

The passion that drips from

Every pep talk you sit me down for,

Much like the golden hour floods

Every part of a person’s design.

Your belly laughs and your swing

Dancing over my clumsy feet

And knowing I’m better for knowing you

And today I can’t wait

To grow old with someone and let them

Call me honey every morning and separate

The newspaper just to share

I’ll read the joys and the sorrows

You’ll know I feel it all and hold my hand

On the down days and the in-betweens

We’ll sip our tea with honey

My coffee with no cream or sugar

Your buttoned up shirt kisses

My shoulders, my feet draped over

I’m learning how to fall

In love with people all over again.

Fall, 2016 Issue

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