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Black girls are the backbones of society  

Lai'Ayla Flowers

I face obstacles like no other  

May have never been touched, that much, but your words cut deeper than the sharpest item on earth  

Earth: the brown trees, high greens, and the landscapes represent me  

We don’t have Eve in us for nothing  


I may be tired, but work is still much more important  

Wages ain’t made for da darker roots  

Time ain’t made to be cut through  

I guess I really do have my ancestors in me  

Generational trauma is real 


Originality comes from me 

This society knows how to copy and paste  

Make themselves have little waist and big behinds  

But I was bullied for mine  

I was bullied for my  


Short Hair  

                                  Big Lips  




Face (especially the ones without make up) 


                 Clothes (that you copy) 


I was bullied for being me  


I go deeper into your sea only to drown  

An everlasting feeling that surrounds us all  

I became insecure because you taught me it was okay to fall  

But sometimes you forgot to tell me to get up and fly 

Fall 2023

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