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American Roulette

Charis Morgan

The needle. The stick. The jab. To  

dine indoors, to stay employed, to see  

your grandfather. But  

my body. My flesh. My choice. It’s just telephone  

wire – playing pass it along until it ends  

someone. But making this political – False  

information distorts. – only polarizes – Adverse  

effects bleed between the lines: the thrombosis, the myocarditis, the  

unknown. The fear. – factions that – No,  

we’re a masked ball of dancers and one of us  

a witch. – could converge at – Half finger  

her womb while the others fondle  

her upper arm, once, twice, three times a 

bruise. – a better understanding. Now 

it’s personal. The selfish. The small minded. The conspiracists. Beware  

fake news. If I knew it was fake, why would I – The big  

stick. The clotted blood ticking  

bombs. How can I falsify – The unneedled  

arm murders. – my own mother? We’re  

begging you. Spin, click, trip the trigger and  

choose who to hate you.  

Spring 2022

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