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All the Stars Grow Bright

Alexandra Saputo

I see you gazing at the glowing canopy of night, 

Your eyes bright with wonder. 

Constellations dance before you like sprites 

Illuminating a deep and endless imagination. 

Timeless and still, you sit enraptured by the spheres of heat and fire 

Hanging in the galaxy. 


Day and night, your eyes are fixed ever upward 

To all that is Beautiful, all that is Good. 

Every fiber of your being 

Longs to live 

Where the sky meets eternity, and sunlight echoes 

At first blush. 


My child, 

Reach up into the sky and find yourself 

Among the stars. 

Let the hopes and dreams within you blaze like wildfire — 

Hold fast to that hunger which sets your soul alight. 


For the days will pass until again 

You gaze into the darkness, 

And feel as though the world 

Will never shine again. 


Page Break 

But just as your spark fades to ember 

In the vast expanse, 

You’ll find a budding dreamer staring skyward 

And see the light that you once had 

Burn radiant in her eyes. 




There is no joy like that peace within the silence 

As the sky begins to glow 

For the one whose universe is unfolding. 


For there, in the quiet hour of midnight, 

A still, pure hope illuminates the darkness. 

In that moment, as she sits enraptured before you, 

The world again is right. 


Then we remember just how far 

The light can take us 

As we shift our gaze once more 

Upon the starry sky. 

It then we find our childlike wonder 

And all the stars grow bright. 

Fall 2020 Issue

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