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A Week

Mya Sedwick

monday, we meet 

in theater class 

You wear eyeliner and cuff Your jeans 

definitely too cool for Me 

tuesday, it’s second semester 

english class 

laughing a little too loud 

wednesday, there is a t.v. show We both like 

now We speak in quotes  

our own sort of language 

thursday, You take the cream part of the oreo  

I like the cookie 

friday, We become ‘platonic soulmates’ 

far less cliché than ‘best friends forever’ 

saturday, it’s three years later 

florida is much too hot 

the mountains scream for You 

but Your mother screamed at You 

so You’re in florida 

it’s much too hot there 

I’m glad You’ve found Someone 

that makes the heat bearable 

maybe He’s the one 

or more likely, He’s not 

and You’re lonely 

florida is much too hot 

but His love comes with a chill 

love is not supposed to be cold 

saturday was never ending 

then sunday came 

sunday, You take Him back 

over and over 


We’ve made it this far 


this week  

may do us in 

Fall 2020 Issue

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