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a playlist for you

Emma Rasmussen

i’ve never wanted something more 

than to be able to show you what it’s like 

to ride in a car with an aux cord  

and your favorite playlist on repeat. 

imagine every song you’ve ever wanted to hear 

all grouped together. without having to change 

the cd every twelve minutes and forty-five seconds. 

you could hear about bonnie and clyde  

immediately after the boy who works at the candy store 

or even rob macdunn. 

you could picture jamaica’s new moon 

over clachan’s croft,  

or a flat-top box 

that calls saginaw home. 

you could hide from clifton clowers 

in the mountains near muskogee. 

i could show you that texarkana  

is really just south of 

colby, kansas. 

because the fightin side of me wants  

to fly to you on silver wings, 

but all the lucky stars couldn’t 

bring me to your home on 

God’s celestial shore. 


if i could only fly,  

or if i had windy’s stormy eyes, 

-- maybe i could see you again 

Fall 2020 Issue

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