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a child's mind

Faith Pennino

i look at you and soft gold wonder 

blooms in my chest 

and i know you 

and your favorite color is blue 

so i ask you in blue 

loud and with a smile 

but you can’t seem to hear me 

with a faltering smile i decide to ask you 

in green 

because why not 

and you still don’t seem to hear me 

the soft gold in my heart 

peels and tears 

my heart is heavy and 

beats quicker 

how many colors are there? 

maybe i can ask you 

in them all 

and then maybe you’ll hear me 



why won’t you even 

turn and look at me? 

maybe i could ask you in red 

i know it’s your least favorite color 

i turn and ask you anyway 

in red 

the color of my blood 

and heart 

and love 

and i ask you 

with the color that is everything i am 

the color you hate 

and now you finally look at me 

Spring 2023

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