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I’ve been living hopefully,

wrote like I’m supposed to be

the best, no one close to me,

supposedly that comes with time,

so I devote my time to thee,

my all to thee, my heart will be

the only thing that’s holding me

from going where I’m supposed to be.

I’ll pick up every broken piece, cross every river,

and deliver just a sliver,

just enough to make them shiver;

they say that getting better only comes with getting bigger,

but the president of Ireland’s a midget, tell me how you figure.

I’m feeling like Simba, watching for hyenas,

ambitious with an appetite and someday I’ll be the leader;

aggressive with an attitude,

an aptitude for gratitude,

I’ll state a platitude,

that you can’t get up on my altitude.

I’ve got the latitude to do what I set out to do,

if I use hate as motivation, why should I be mad at you;

when it’s obvious I’m gifted,

and the gap between us has too much a distance

an architect couldn’t bridge it.

I got a vision, that put me on this mission,

I’m tripping to my fruition, I’m trusting my intuition;

that’s while I’m in tuition, until I can end tuition,

you probably missed it,

play on words about my school expenses.

Dreams without activity are nothing more than wishes,

but dreamers throw their money to the fishes,

and they hope for change;

Go get a dictionary,

follow my vocabulary,

I’ll go make a moment,

in a minute, make it monetary.

Making millions, making moves,

I move a million miles a minute,

moments never wait, that’s why they’re moments, don’t you get it?

Sleeping on my music, guess that means I’ve gotta prove it,

because everybody thinks it’s easy until they have to do it.

Spring, 2018 Issue

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