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the longest lie.

Kayla Slack

when the east wind began 
to lie, in ruins, heavily upon, 

we at least will be a people of 
truth-lovers and lie-haters 

you must lie on the bed which 
you have made for yourself 

in thy lie-consuming mirror, 
sometimes the joke, or the lie told, 
makes up the better part of the occasion 

he holds many profound truths, 
but is quite unable to see how they 
lie to each other 

but let us view these truths with 
closer eyes, and trace them through the 
prospect as it lies 

there lies your way, 
but my humor lyes another way 

the bees settle outside the hive, 
to lie out, to lie up in lavender 

why don’t we sit down and 
lie to one another? 

–comprised of entries from the Oxford English Dictionary on “lie” 

Fall 2020 Issue

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