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Memento Mori

Cammie Valtierra

i am  

small as an ant 

tall as trees 


i am 

the summit’s peak 

the abyss of ravines 

a grain of sand 

in the galaxies. 



fear me 

all five feet 


you know 

i am not your midnight sin. 

i am winter’s whispering winds 

that chill your cheek; 

i am the sea’s silky screen 

upon which the sun beams. 


you feel it in your bones. 

i am the honey for which bees bumble. 

the words for which the wisest of writers search and stumble. 


you know 

i am no 

stepping stone. 


all that i am 

all that i will be  


for eternity. 

Fall 2022

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