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In the Courtyard of Time

Pen Name Pending

Nature is never silent 

Never lonely 

When you feel you are left to wander 

Crickets hum in reminder 

Birds overhead squawk hymns as they rise higher 

And the silken scarfs of wind wisp around your shoulders 

but never land 

It stings your cheek with a kiss 

and kicks up leaves in a hallow goodbye 

You will follow the overgrown trails  

and mapped out sky 

till your body has been numbed by the cold 

But your mind races enough to keep you warm 

You wonder if you can walk enough to forget 

If you could loose yourself among the trees 

If you could escape completely 


You will find yourself in the courtyard of Time 

Contemplating the mistakes of your life, 

but this house quiets you 


the unchanging mistress, 

still has sovereignty  

Men declare her unkind, 

but have never stood in her courtyard 

This house, 

a testament to her glory 

and her grace 

This house, 

that has lived centuries 

and seen things I will never witness 

Its souls long buried 

Sometimes I wait for ghosts to peak out its window panes 

But Time holds no ghosts 

It is only us who do 

We refuse that we are to follow Time like a child does his mother 

We try to fight Time for seconds, 

but she answers us  


You are too good for seconds 

I will give you years if you just 

embrace the present  

and stop reaching for the past 

If you stop chasing after the future 

and learn to waltz with what you have 

The past is this empty house 

and the future is this house in ruins 

long forgotten  

With visitors like fleeting glimpses 

With no souls to inhabit it 

and few people who remember it 

But Time lives here 

You can see her fingerprints on every wall and banister 

Chipped paint and dust collecting like decorations 

A mansion of what have beens  

and a hill of what will be’s 


Standing in Time’s courtyard, 

you can feel the world move around you 

Some love it 

Some hate it 

Some never realize at all 

I walk through the grass  

and stand on the brick platform 

Close my eyes 

and take a deep breath  

I thank her for the comfort 

and this house that I know all too well 

Then I leave her, 

standing in the doorway 

Fall 2022

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