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A Great Chapter Story

D. Zárate

Every great story has a beginning, middle and end; but not necessarily in that order. 
We are all a great story 
Chapter 281: The world, too tired of supporting the man’s seedlings, starts to give up.  
It is not too late, but it is too close to the end. The damage is done; It’s unrepairable 
Its water veins are dried; its green lungs are burnt… Their destiny is assured.  
Chapter 11: The man, too little to understand, starts exploring, starts to live. 
He discovers he’s not the only one here, he has to share in order to survive… or does he? 
Chapter 40: He, now all settled starts to understand the world, the nature, the wilderness. 
Starts to live together, one on one with his surroundings. 
Chapter 95: The man meets a woman; he has a plan and he’s sure it going to work. 
They finally get together. They start dreaming about their future, their children, their home… their lives forever meant to be remembered. 
Every great story has a beginning, middle and end; but not necessarily in that order. 
We are all a great story. 
Our lives are not all written as chapter books. I know. 
There are hours not meant to be bound; 
like those nights when we scribbled too much in the margins so that we can’t see the page numbers on our arms and forget, or the days when I have to remind myself of the wetness of my lips just to feel something new. 
We are all stubborn. Even with our legs broken, we chase perfection. 
Chapter 175: Humans govern everything. Their intelligence transformed the world into the opposite of what the man once thought. He will be sorely disappointed with this bloodline: nature is disappearing, and they don’t care. 
Chapter 5: A few wild humans have been put in the planet.  
Their destiny will depend on their own decisions. Will they survive? Or will they perish? 
Chapter 163: The man, too old to walk and too tired to argue, watches his life work being torn apart… by his own seeds. 
“I guess nothing is forever” he thinks while a single tear flows down to the Earth he once owned. 
Every great story has a beginning, middle and end; not necessarily in that order. 
We are all great stories. 
I am the result of the man and the woman: 
If I hold my arms to the sky I can see their veins in my arms, flowing freely.  
If I look to the forest, I can see their life, but I guess as them… it is gone by now. 
If I hear the rivers, I can still hear them: “Get up, boy. You are better than this.”.  
Chapter 400: Once upon a time, there was a man and a woman. They are not here anymore, but you can see their seeds’ leftovers on the world. 
Prologue: Once upon a time a man a woman met. After their first kiss, a seed from her neck blossomed, it felt to ground and driven by the wind… a new era started. 

Spring 2021

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